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Pamoja (Kenya)

Pamoja (Kenya)

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Origin  Kenya
Region West of Kericho
Producer Ainabtany CFS
Process Washed
Altitude 1700m - 2400 MASL
Varietal SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, maybe K7
Cupping Notes

Red Apple, Berries, Maple Syrup


 Farm Info

This exceptional lot from our Kericho factory in Kenya is made up of cherries from our esteemed farm partners in the picturesque West of Kericho region, where higher altitude farms nurture the finest coffee beans. Combining remarkable varieties such as SL 28, SL 34, with a possible sprinkle of the traditional K7 found in select older farms, this blend showcases a harmonious fusion of flavors. Renowned for its vibrant citrus and blackcurrant notes, SL 28 brings a zestful liveliness to the cup, while SL 34 contributes a delightful balance of acidity and sweetness. With the subtle presence of K7, this coffee offers a nod to tradition and adds an intriguing nuance to the overall flavor profile.


 Brew Recipe

Espresso: 1:2 coffee to water, water temperature 91°C, extracted in 28 – 32 seconds

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