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Peru (Summer Sipper) 1kg

Peru (Summer Sipper) 1kg

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Origin  Peru
Region Cajamarca
Saul Menor Taica
La Naranja
Process Washed
1875-2000 m.a.s.l 
Cupping Notes
Raspberries & Cream, Molasses


Producer Info

Saul Menor, a first-generation coffee farmer, owns a 4ha farm in San Francisco village, Huabal district, near Jaen. Originally from Cajamarca and hailing from a potato farming family, Saul moved to Jaen at a young age, investing his savings in land for coffee cultivation. While consistently producing a substantial coffee volume, Saul has recently shifted his focus to prioritize quality and enhance his cup score. Specializing in the Caturra variety at high altitudes, he's expanding his cultivation to include Geisha and Marshel (a Peruvian variety), expected to yield their first production in 2024. During the harvest season, he employs 8 to 10 temporary workers for selective picking, ensuring ripe cherries. Post-harvest, the beans undergo flotation, pulping, and a 48-hour fermentation in ceramic tanks. After meticulous washing, the coffee is dried on raised beds or a wooden patio for about two weeks. Once dried, it is transported to Jaen for analysis at the Chacra Coffee warehouse.

Process Info

The Washed or Wet process swiftly removes the fruit's skin and mucilage within 24 hours of harvesting using pulping machines or water. After depulping, coffees undergo fermentation for 12 to 72 hours, followed by drying on raised beds or patios for 18 to 36 hours or 7 to 15 days, depending on the farm's scale. Washed coffees are known for their clean, crisp, sweet, and fruity profiles, with extended fermentation enhancing fruity and boozy characteristics.


Brew Recipe 

Pour over: 1:16 coffee to water, water temperature 89°C, pour in stages, brew time 2:30-3:00 mins

Cafetiere: 60-65g coffee per litre of water, water temperature 91°C, brewed for 3-4 mins

Aeropress: 16g coffee, water 250g, water temperature 91°C, brewed for 1:30-2 mins, press time around 45 sec


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